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Oh!So my leftover 2-6-2 and another stray six drivers gives me a 2-6-6-2! My Valley concordance says that’s OK too!

Jeff Cornelius

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Greetings All,

This has evolved into quite a discussion.  A BLI Y6a or Y5 would be great.  I’m sure that BLI is looking at this on a cost versus potential sales basis.  The PCM/BLI Y6b may be my favorite model of all time.  As long as they continue to sell Y6b’s which is considered the ultimate and most noteworthy compound, BLI probably won’t shift gears.  

In regard to future articulated engines of any road, we’ll probably never see one without double articulation.  An engine that can’t negotiate curves of less than 30” radius would probably lose at least 50% of all potential sales.  Speaking for myself, any of my A’s or Y’s on my layout without double articulation are history.  

I looked at one of my Rivarossi Y6b’s tonight that I had torn down for upgrades.  It wouldn’t be that difficult to install a shouldered set screw between the rear engine cylinders into the bottom of the boiler frame to make the rear engine rigid.  It would be even more versatile if this was an option as new from the manufacturer.  This would allow potential buyers to have it both ways!  Just a few observations from old Pokey country.

Goodnight to All,
Chris Dalton 
Bluefield, WV

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