Ampersand (&) on N&W box cars?

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It is not always as easily said to search for things as it sounds. You also have to have kind of an idea of the answer before you can search accurately. In this case, I knew the ampersand was used at least in the 1920s-1930s, so I searched for examples of cars built or operating during that time, that got me to searching for Class BJ, BK, B1, B2, B3 boxcars. Of course there are others, but that is what I started with, and found most of what I wanted as examples.

But yes, the archives had a great volume and depth of materials. I am looking for the date the white lines were eliminated from above and below the reporting marks and numbers. Yes, I believe it was about 1957, but don’t have the archive information in hand, have to do that when I am there and have the time to dig that out.

Ken Miller

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> Thanks Ken!
> Those pics are very much appreciated.  I’m a bit embarrassed I wasn’t able to find them in the archive myself, as I looked through numerous photos and books before posting.
> I’ll chalk it up the amazing volume & depth of material in the archives - thanks!
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