Three Sheds for Waynesboro

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Very nice work.  It’s encouraging to see drawings become a 3D model.


Jim King


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In the mid 1990s Mainline Modeler ran a series of articles by Jeff Koeller on Waynesboro, VA where the C&O crossed over the Shenandoah Valley line of the N&W. Most, if not all, of the photos were from the C&OHS files.

Waynesboro is the southernmost town that I model on my N&W Shenandoah Valley HO scale layout. I have used Jeff's articles in constructing this town. Although these three sheds, or Motor Car Houses, may have been relocated by my 1956 era, I thought they would make a nice addition to my station area and scene.

All three sheds are different. I followed the N&W Standard Motor Car House drawing for dimensions. I was surprised to learn the “rails” for the motor cars were actually 2” x 4” timbers. I don't know if this was somewhat of a standard practice among railroads, or unique to the frugal N&W.

I used Evergreen styrene sheets and strips to build the sheds. The stone wall is a casting from a mold that I purchased from Dave Frary years ago. Paints are Model Masters and Scalecoat II with some pan pastels weathering. And the “rails” are Kappler Scale Lumber HO 2” x 4”.

The prototype photos are scans from Jeff's article.

Jim Brewer

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