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While I have not used it yet you might try Tru-Color N&W blue.  If not I would look to Scalecoat2 not sure if they do N&W blue though.

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> Ryan … nice work!  I also think that modifying the standard cupola is the best way to go given the difficulty finding a Moloco kit and what you said about fit-up.  I have a blue C31 in-transit to me; should arrive tomorrow or Monday.  A friend is making the tank for both of us.
> What blue paint matches the Atlas color?  Must be lacquer-based … I have no experience (or interest to learn) with acrylics.  I only plan to modify the side by cutting in new windows and patching the old ones so a slight difference in blue tint can easily be covered with weathering powders.
> Jim King
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James Wall
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