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I'm partial to ESU LokSound for diesel sound decoders.  In fact, I replace all factory sound decoders with LokSound.  That being said, I've heard TCS WOWSound may have better steam sound files.  You can listen to samples of all ESU sound files on their website.  They offer a N&W whistle file.  TCS may have a similar option.
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I want to equip an older Y6 with DCC/sound, sugar cube speaker in the smokebox and hi-bass speaker in the tender.  What’s a good decoder choice with accurate hooter whistle and articulated exhaust?  I know this is a subjective question but a variety of answer’s is what I’m after.


I’ve never done a sound installation so any suggestions re: a parts list, including hook up wire and engine/tender connector is welcomed.  I’ll be buying parts from DCC Installs in Georgia (Rick Bell is a long-time friend); I’ve already asked him to look into this.


Jim King

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