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I’ve used the WOW decoder and the Tsunami 2 decoder in my Y6 and A locos and both are excellent.  In my opinion, the whistle is better with the WOW decoders since they have the playable whistle.  However, I think the chuff is a bit better with the Tsunami 2.  Both have good N&W hooter whistles and both can be set up for articulation.  I tried a sugar cube in the smoke box of one loco and it didn’t seem to make much of a difference.  So, my standard installation now is to simply install 2 high bass speakers in the tender and eliminate any speaker in the loco.  I generally hard wire between the loco and tender (i.e. with no plug) but if you can find a plug with enough pins to support the connection between the loco and tender AND if the wires are nice and flexible, that would be a fine way to go also.  Miniatronics makes some very nice flex wire along with multi-pin connectors.  Best of luck!

Gary Hoover

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> I want to equip an older Y6 with DCC/sound, sugar cube speaker in the smokebox and hi-bass speaker in the tender.  What’s a good decoder choice with accurate hooter whistle and articulated exhaust?  I know this is a subjective question but a variety of answer’s is what I’m after.
> I’ve never done a sound installation so any suggestions re: a parts list, including hook up wire and engine/tender connector is welcomed.  I’ll be buying parts from DCC Installs in Georgia (Rick Bell is a long-time friend); I’ve already asked him to look into this.
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