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I rarely disagree with Frank about anything, but I will note that during
the years (!) that DP listed the PA as a 'future' project it never appeared
on the list of any dealer that I could find, nor did it migrate from the
'future' list, nor was there ever a projected price. (Though it was going
to be expensive.) No dealer ever solicited reservations, that I could find.
Whatever the reasons, it just never got off the ground.

DP is an importer. At that time models were sold through dealers, such as
The Caboose, Brass Trains, etc. Dealers made reservations with importers,
end buyers did not. No major dealer ever listed a PA and asked for
reservations. I was prepared to reserve one of each (10%) had they been so

This is not a criticism of Jack. He's a businessman and does what he thinks
will make money and keep him in business. Lord knows brass importation has
been an expensive crap shoot. My comments reflect frustration that
reservations through traditional sources (even through the Society) were
never solicited.

I don't know where the idea that arose that there weren't enough
reservations. If he had said the price is X, I need 30 reservations, I
would have beaten the bushes and gotten those commitments. That offer still

And then there was the three car passenger train that was to accompany the



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