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  I have just spoken with Lee English of Bowser regarding the forthcoming ALCO RS-3 locomotives.  Most of you likely know that a factory in China suddenly closed a few weeks ago which affects many manufacturers including Bowser.  Lee is pursuing other factories so that he may continue production of all of his models but this is a slow process.
  The NWHS commissary is still going to offer the RS-3s for sale as a pre-order item.  You have likely seen, or will see with the Q3 issue of The Arrow, that the pre-order deadline was Monday August 13th.  This pre-order deadline has been extended indefinitely until properly advised by Lee so do not hesitate to place your order.  Also, the delivery date is now TBD. There is a positive aspect of this though.  There are many outstanding products due to hit the shelves between now and mid-summer of 2019. Such a delay in the delivery of the RS-3s will allow our billfolds and coffers to recover.
  Thank you for your time and understanding.
Todd ArnettPresident, NWHS
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