Decals for early 50's 24" lettering scheme for H2a hoppers

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Contact me off-list.  I’ve done the artwork for most of the issues of the BLI H2a HO and N Scale cars and would be happy to change the data on both the 18” and 24” if you would like to suggest what you’d like to see.  

The production process will use the same data per scheme on each release so each car number cannot have different data but I can at least change it between runs since somebody is using magnification to watch their trains go by on the layout!!!

Best regards,

Charlie Vlk 

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Subject: Decals for early 50's 24" lettering scheme for H2a hoppers


I know there was some discussion regarding decals for the H2 and H3 hoppers recently but I'm looking accurate decals for early 50's 24" lettering scheme for H2a hoppers. 


All of the BLI factory painted/lettered hoppers with the 24" scheme have a build date of '56. I've asked them several times to go with the earlier road numbers of the early 50's to no avail.


If there is an accurate set of decals available with the early 50's info, I'll just start with that. Any assistance would be appreciated.


Thanks in advance,


Don Yelverton



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