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Ed's comments about the RS-3s reminded me about those models. I model the steam era, but it wouldn't be bad to have a few early diesels around in case I want to change eras - a variable height consist of RS-11s and RS-3s would have an interesting look.

I checked my saved emails for any discussion on RS-3s, but I have apparently removed them.  So my question is this: when were RS-3s delivered, and were they ever found on the Scioto Division - especially west of Portsmouth?

I recall there being a discussion about some of this, including paint color, but I didn't have the prescience to save the details. If the date range for the discussion is known, I can search the archives for the details.

Matt Goodman

Columbus Ohio US

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You're dead on target.  If you don't pre-order a model from a reliable dealer you're likely not to find one (but not always) when it is actually released for sale.  (I receive emails from a bunch of dealers and well as doing regular internet searches to find the best pre-order deals) I currently have pre-orders in with Hogz Trains for Bowser N&W and EL RS-3's,  Bowser Southern passenger F3a's (with roof mounted air tanks), RAPIDO N&W ex-Wabash dome cars, and a RAPIDO Southern B36-7.  Without these pre-orders in place I would be totally paranoid as to whether or not I could actually find the models once released (or if so only at a high price). 

It shouldn't be that difficult to develop processes and methods to communicate model availability and pre-order pricing imformation in a timely manner to members.  (and as Bill discussed an ordering system). 


Ed Painter #70, Narrows, VA living in Cohutta, GA

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