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Delivered in 1955.  Numbered initially; 96-99 and renumbered in1956 to
300-307.  The purchase was to deselize the Durham line  I know they did see
road servise throughout the system for a limited time but eventually found
themselves downgraded to switching and local duty.  I've seen pics of them
in road service but if my memory serves me properly they was on the Durham
line and the Pocahontas least the pics I saw.  Has anyone
seen them in pics on the Scioto Division prior to May of 1960?

Ed Painter - Narrows, AV living in Cohutta, GA

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> Ed's comments about the RS-3s reminded me about those models. I model the
> steam era, but it wouldn't be bad to have a few early diesels around in
> case I want to change eras - a variable height consist of RS-11s and RS-3s
> would have an interesting look.
> I checked my saved emails for any discussion on RS-3s, but I have
> apparently removed them.  So my question is this: when were RS-3s
> delivered, and were they ever found on the Scioto Division - especially
> west of Portsmouth?
> I recall there being a discussion about some of this, including paint
> color, but I didn't have the prescience to save the details. If the date
> range for the discussion is known, I can search the archives for the
> details.
> Matt Goodman
> Columbus Ohio US
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> wrote:
> Bill,
> You're dead on target.  If you don't pre-order a model from a reliable
> dealer you're likely not to find one (but not always) when it is actually
> released for sale.  (I receive emails from a bunch of dealers and
> well as doing regular internet searches to find the
> best pre-order deals) I currently have pre-orders in with Hogz Trains for
> Bowser N&W and EL RS-3's,  Bowser Southern passenger F3a's (with roof
> mounted air tanks), RAPIDO N&W ex-Wabash dome cars, and a RAPIDO Southern
> B36-7.  Without these pre-orders in place I would be totally paranoid as to
> whether or not I could actually find the models once released (or if so
> only at a high price).
> It shouldn't be that difficult to develop processes and methods to
> communicate model availability and pre-order pricing imformation in a
> timely manner to members.  (and as Bill discussed an ordering system).
> Ed Painter #70, Narrows, VA living in Cohutta, GA
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