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You're dead on target.  If you don't pre-order a model from a reliable
dealer you're likely not to find one (but not always) when it is actually
released for sale.  (I receive emails from a bunch of dealers and well as doing regular internet searches to find the
best pre-order deals) I currently have pre-orders in with Hogz Trains for
Bowser N&W and EL RS-3's,  Bowser Southern passenger F3a's (with roof
mounted air tanks), RAPIDO N&W ex-Wabash dome cars, and a RAPIDO Southern
B36-7.  Without these pre-orders in place I would be totally paranoid as to
whether or not I could actually find the models once released (or if so
only at a high price).

It shouldn't be that difficult to develop processes and methods to
communicate model availability and pre-order pricing imformation in a
timely manner to members.  (and as Bill discussed an ordering system).

Ed Painter #70, Narrows, VA living in Cohutta, GA

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> Brian Dembinski's experience highlights the stark reality of today's model
> market. With few local hobby shops, one becomes dependent on online
> sellers. They announce a model release, solicit preorders, and place an
> order with the manufacturer. The preorder time frames are short. The
> manufacturer then produces to order, the models arrive, are shipped to
> dealers, and the manufacturer is out-of-stock the next day. They no longer
> tie up money in inventory. Simplified, but close. My preorder for the
> Redbird was placed in 2017.
> That business model doesn't fit well with monthly (or quarterly) magazine
> production so the major (or even minor) online retailers don't advertise
> for preorders on specific models. It is up to the buyer to stay in touch
> with them via cruising web sites or being on a mailing list. (Or maybe
> Facebook, which is not for me.) I am on a half-dozen such email lists and
> receive multiple announcements each week. I received three from one outlet
> yesterday, a Sunday!
> Having said all that, I hope the Society can develop an ordering system
> that works well for members. Having had some experience with this for the
> Society a few years back, I know what a challenge it can be. As members I
> think we need to be realistic and understanding of the mission and
> capabilities of the Society.
> Bill McClure
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