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Brian Dembinski's experience highlights the stark reality of today's model
market. With few local hobby shops, one becomes dependent on online
sellers. They announce a model release, solicit preorders, and place an
order with the manufacturer. The preorder time frames are short. The
manufacturer then produces to order, the models arrive, are shipped to
dealers, and the manufacturer is out-of-stock the next day. They no longer
tie up money in inventory. Simplified, but close. My preorder for the
Redbird was placed in 2017.

That business model doesn't fit well with monthly (or quarterly) magazine
production so the major (or even minor) online retailers don't advertise
for preorders on specific models. It is up to the buyer to stay in touch
with them via cruising web sites or being on a mailing list. (Or maybe
Facebook, which is not for me.) I am on a half-dozen such email lists and
receive multiple announcements each week. I received three from one outlet
yesterday, a Sunday!

Having said all that, I hope the Society can develop an ordering system
that works well for members. Having had some experience with this for the
Society a few years back, I know what a challenge it can be. As members I
think we need to be realistic and understanding of the mission and
capabilities of the Society.

Bill McClure
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