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Hello all,

My name is Dean Taylor and I am the new Modeling Committee chairman as well
as the Vice President. Both of these positions have their own challenges
but I am looking forward to the unique opportunities that each seat holds.

Unfortunately the modeling committee has been not as active as it might
have been. I'm not saying anyone is a fault here,but the committee as a
whole seems to have lost focus and became stagnant. We have some new goals
for the committee beginning in 2018, so there will be some changes overall.

1st:  Each member of the Modeling Committee will write at least (2) two
modeling articles each year. They must also participate in gathering
information (i.e. photos and drawings) and writing text for modeling
booksthat the committee is going to produce for the society.  In addition,
the committee is expected to help find people to write articles as well.

2nd: Each member of the Modeling Committee will have at least (3) three
manufacturers whom they will contact on a regular basis. They are not to
badge rthe manufacturers about producing N&W models specifically, but to
communicate that the NWHS can help them with projects as needed and keep
them informed that there is a group out here hungry for N&W and related

3rd: Members of the Modeling Committee will assist in coming up with
smaller projects and the manufacturers to produce smaller run items that
can be sold by the society. We know we cannot finance any kind of project
like a new locomotive, but perhaps some smaller things like custom run
models, kits for various things, such as structures or signage. There is a
lot of room for ideas in this part.

4th: Members of the Modeling Committee will be expected to participate in a
group E-mail or conference call quarterly as well as a meeting at the

5th: Members of the Modeling Committee will be revamping some of the
modeling contest rules, and encourage more participation in the model
contests. The committee should also consider how to expand the base,
perhaps with new categories. The committee can also help develop the
Free-Mo concept for our group and produce the standards, based on the
excellent existing standards.

While this might sound like a lot, everybody needs to work as a team. If we
all pull together, we can get this train out of the station and over the
road. This will benefit us as modelers, and the Society over all by
encouraging participation and perhaps increasing membership as well.

There is no need to reply to the e-mail on the list, if you have questions
and would like to contact me please E-mail me at taylor at or call me
at 540-613-0683 <(540)%20613-0683>. Thanks to one and all, and I look
forward to working with the older members and newer ones.

Dean Taylor
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