Spring Mills Depot N&W caboose project - ordering

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Tue Nov 28 07:53:11 EST 2017

Here is the response I received from one of the principals of Spring Mills
regarding the email issue:

"Hi Jim,

In order for the email links to work on our site, you need to have an email
client installed on your machine such as Outlook, Opera, etc.  This keeps
the bots from harvesting our email address and spamming us to death.  So if
you use gmail, yahoo, aol, etc, they all use the browser for the email
application and there is no email client on their machines.

However, no matter the browser, one should be able to hover over the email
links and see the email address appear in the lower left corner of the
browser.  Then the user can make note of it and enter it into the To field
of their email program."

Hope this helps with those of you who are taking advantage of the early
order discount.

Jim Brewer
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