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Jimmy Lisle:

Thanks for the info. It is greatly appreciated.

Stephen Rineair


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On 1/21/2016 7:09 PM, NW Modeling List wrote:

I would like to light the classification lights in a GP30. What color would
be used and would the rear lights be off when running forward?

Thanks - Stephen Rineair


    If a GP30 were running in a territory that required class lights, they
would either be "White" for an "Extra" train, "Green" for a "Section
following" or "extinguished" for a regular train. If it is running in CTC
territory, no lights are required...everything is an extra. I think most
rule books state that a lite unit consist or pusher consist need only have
the rear headlight on "Dim" as a marker. Different RR's rules vary, if the
engine is in pusher service, some may require red lights to be displayed to
the rear as a marker.

Jimmy Lisle

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