classification lights?

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marker lights/class lights are pretty much all the same since the steam 
era, how much the need of the various uses of them is an open question 
but still remain today on the rulebooks.

Off - for a regular train
White- for an extra
Green - for the leading 1st section of a train consist, following train 
would be dark. (off)
Red-reverse operation.

There were variations for the colors for front and side not including 
the caboose which is not used today.

If you wanted to do all the colors a 3 color LED is needed and a 
function decoder can do the selections or a decoder that has 3 extra 
more functions avalable for lights.

If you don't want to get this complex make choice how you want to 
operate with the moste likely use of the class light color, perhaps 
White or red.  I think there are 2 color LED's with red and white 
colors, then you could tie in the red with the headlights for reverse 
run then one function to turn on the white.

Things to think about. If I had my druthers on just one color LED, I 
would do white for an extra train, and don't bother with reverse red.


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> I would like to light the classification lights in a GP30. What color would
> be used and would the rear lights be off when running forward?
> Thanks - Stephen Rineair

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