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I have had installed 35 of my cabins with Tomar LED  lanterns on the end of one end of the cabin. My installer put them on the end of the cabin body vs. on the roof end which is correct. We did this as to hide the wire better. Tomar makes 4 types of the marker lights one set is red green set up correctly and the other amber all the way around.  We have installed them in CG thru C-3 cabins.
So we used the red green makers with LED's installed as the micro lites have a shorter life span. The LED's are a bit more expensive but my installer has had better luck with them.
If you have any questions etc feel free to contact me
Mike Ritschdorff  
nwpoca at

Subject: Question - train end lanterns
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    Ladies and Gentlemen,
        I’m an US-modeler living
            in Germany and I my specific hobby is to build and super
            detail US railroad cars and engine models.
        In specific case I
            super-detailed a N&W class CG brass caboose – see
            description and gallery on my website – and there is a question to
            train end lanterns for a train of 1930ties.
        I purchased lanterns
            with four lenses and I will lighten them. The rear lens will
            have a red color – and how is the color of lenses on other
        Using a red LED will be
            the most simple way however is this correct? Please watch
            that this model should represent the 30ties of last century.
        I would be lucky to
            receive an answer. Please send forward this question to a
            member or NWHS friend who can give me an answer. 
        Thank you very much for
            your help!
        Best regards
        Bernhard Schroeter
        01259 Dresden, Germany
        Visit my website, please -



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