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you will be fine with red LED's.

The actual rules get complicated with the circumstance as the lenses 
would get changed out to differrent colors depending on the 
circumstance, like if its on a siding stopped you may have red to the 
rear and yellow to the side, changing the colors out in HO would require 
multiple color LED's-multiple LEDs for each lense, or fibre optics.

I am actually doing this on a steam engine marker lights using a 3 color 
LED. Takes using the Titan decoder (a function decoder can work)

Sometimes the caboose might display 3 different colors, this would 
require 3 function decoders/3  3 color LED's progrtammed at differrent 
addresses to control. Maaaaybe a wee bit more than we want to get into, 
but be fun if you really could.

If you have differrent lenses to mount, use a white LED, just for 
jollies, red to the rear-yellow to the side, mix it up a bit, if you 
don't want to go this far, clear lense and red LED works, whatever works.

You cold websearch caboose marker light rules, might bring up answers.


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> Ladies and Gentlemen,
> I?m an US-modeler living in Germany and I my specific hobby is to build
> and super detail US railroad cars and engine models.
> In specific case I super-detailed a N&W class CG brass caboose ? see
> description and *gallery<>*on my
> website ? and there is a question to train end lanterns for a train of
> 1930ties.
> I purchased lanterns with four lenses and I will lighten them. The rear
> lens will have a red color ? and how is the color of lenses on other
> directions?
> Using a red LED will be the most simple way however is this correct?
> Please watch that this model should represent the 30ties of last century.
> I would be lucky to receive an answer. Please send forward this question
> to a member or NWHS friend who can give me an answer.
> Thank you very much for your help!
> Best regards
> Bernhard Schroeter

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