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Would I be correct in assuming that they were coolers for the liquid  
rheostats in the rotor winding circuits?
I remember my Dad (who worked for Appalachian Power in Bluefield, but being 
 an electrical engineer was interested in the workings of the N&W 
electrics)  telling me that the railroad had to be careful not accidentally to put 
too much  trailing tonnage behind the electrics, because if they couldn't get 
up to free  running speed they ran the risk of boiling all the liquid out of 
the  rheostats.  I seem to recall that you mentioned the same thing in your 
Dave Phelps
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Eric &  modelers, 
I am attaching a photograph that I took of Simplon electric 2332 in the 
Swiss  Railway Museum located in Lucerne. This locomotive was similar, albeit 
smaller  than the N&W and VGN electrics. These units are what me interested 
in  approaching Marklin as they have produced models of these. You will 
notice the  piping on the side, which are coolers. This is something the N&W or 
VGN  never tried, but would have helped considerably. Most of the photos you 
see  have open or missing windows as the locomotives generated quite a bit 
of heat.   


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