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> Eric & modelers,
> I am attaching a photograph that I took of Simplon electric 2332 in 
> the Swiss Railway Museum located in Lucerne. This locomotive was 
> similar, albeit smaller than the N&W and VGN electrics. These units 
> are what me interested in approaching Marklin as they have produced 
> models of these. You will notice the piping on the side, which are 
> coolers. This is something the N&W or VGN never tried, but would have 
> helped considerably. Most of the photos you see have open or missing 
> windows as the locomotives generated quite a bit of heat.

Mason, years ago another company, perhaps Fleishmann, sold an electric 
that was very similar to the N&W's and they were 2-rail DC.  I purchased 
a couple of them to consider conversion, but never got around to doing 
it... life got in the way!   Anyway, somewhere in storage I have those 
units and if I ever dig them out I will post photos.

Take care

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