2015 NWSH Convention Modeling/Photo contest

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Tue Jun 9 13:33:12 EDT 2015

The entry form for the contest for next week's convention has been posted
on the convention webpage, accessible from the Society page at NWHS.org

We will have additional forms available at the convention.

This has been made available to provide time to fill out the form
(legibly)and add any supporting information e.g. if you've modeled a
locomotive with an unusual attachment, a diesel with the "wrong" trucks,

In response to popular demand we made a change in the categories from last
year, and added a photo contest.

If you have questions there will be people at the Contest Desk to answer

Reminder; if you have models to show but don't wish to compete, there will
be Bring & Brag display space.  As with the contest models, it would be
useful to provide an explanation of what you did to get a model from
out-of-the-box to Display [feel free to use the narrative portion of the
contest form].

Frank Bongiovanni
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