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*corrected spelling/fingering

The railfanning guide for the area around the convention has been posted to
the convention website, for your use on the way to the convention.  Hard
copies, hopefully with the corrections people send in to the posted guide,
will be available at the convention.

We put out the best information we have.  But we also added a number of
websites that may be helpful to you.  There is a lot of railroad activity
and history in central Ohio.  If you familiarize yourself with some of that
it will almost certainly increase the learning and the fun.

We did run this by some of our members who live in that area, but no
one claims to know everything.  If we posted information that is incomplete
or out of date please let us know.  And, no, I have not been able to
determine for sure the status of the Ohio Railway Museum in Worthington.
As far as I know the #578(?)is still there and is still deteriorating

Also, since we had to delete the Fostoria Rail Park from the tour when we
added Bellevue Yard, be aware that the Rail Park is still a great place to

Frank Bongiovanni
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