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I have the older RR 2-6-6-6, I intended it to label it Virginian, if 
someone wants to trade for the virginian one, fine, but I have 4 
2-6-6-6's, I don't need more.
I won't jump for the domes, maybe later...or not, too much other 
modeling to do..

(unless theres a direct virginian tender out there I'll take it)

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> Frank,
> I agree with you that each of us needs to find his or her own version of
> what is good enough.  BTW, I just checked my Key VGN AG and it has incorrect
> domes.  When I bought it many years ago I didn't know this.  Does it bother
> me now that I know better.  No, I got a nice looking locomotive at a good
> price to use as a VGN AG.  Would I buy the same model at today's prices now
> that Rivarossi has come out with an AG.  I'm not sure.
> Don Marrow

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