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Hi Lister's,


                I think we should be thankful that Athearn is even doing
high-hood units.  I would guess that when the SD40's wore the blue paint
that the N&W didn't swap road units in run-through pool or horsepower hour
tradeoffs like they've done in the last two decades.  Anybody ever see
AT&SF, SP or UP engines in Roanoke during the 60's and 70"s?  I would guess
not like today.  Also there are a bunch of other "road" modelers upset that
they didn't get their road's SD40's released; so there again be thankful.
Model manufactures just can't release every version and paint scheme at
once.  If they did then we would be complaining: "I can't afford to buy all
these."  It all boils down to what's going to be the best return of profit
for the manufacture.  As the saying goes: "You can't please all the people
all the time."  I've pretty much been priced out of the hobby by the demand
for more accurately detailed equipment.  I'll get off my soapbox now.


John Hecker  

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