Tuscan color

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When painting a model I believe its rather relative. Outside the sun is 
bright, under inside lights, it will be dark as mentioned. To make the 
color stand out you may need to go up a shade or so.

You look at pics of steam engines and they are not full black when you 
really view them, the sun, clouds, sky play tricks and you see shades of 
dark grey, not a full black indescribable hunk of metal. I've taken a 
Rivarrossi Cab Forward and painted it an off black greyish color and 
weathered it, looks nice!

Its all subjective, someone on another email thread for Wabash is asking 
similar questions, do some research, get it close, look good, and yer off.

oh, the Indiana Railroad painted some interurbans orange from whatever 
they could find at the hardware store...

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> Frank: You may have noticed that I have not said anything during this discussion.? There are?paint color drift cards for both the tuscan red and the blue in private hands in Roanoke. However, if you paint models in the exact color it is far too dark.? I believe it is a matter of scale.? Harold???

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