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I "commissioned" Jim Nichols to come up with a color that would work in 
my HO layout lighting and I think he nailed it. Called "Grant's Red 1," 
the mix in Scalecoat I is 2-1/2 parts N&W Red to 1 part AT&SF Red.

I use Philips Alto II T8 tubes, diffused, with a color temperature of 
4100K. We first looked at various samples including his Jim's Red 1, 2, 
and 3 (close), plus other custom and factory shades and all trended 
either too blue, brown, or orange. A sample of the new shade in 
incandescent looks too orange and too blue in "vintage" and "daylight" 
florescent, but holds up well in natural daylight.

Grant Carpenter
On 7/13/2014 10:14 AM, NW Modeling List wrote:
> Frank: You may have noticed that I have not said anything during this 
> discussion.  There are paint color drift cards for both the tuscan red 
> and the blue in private hands in Roanoke. However, if you paint models 
> in the exact color it is far too dark.  I believe it is a matter of 
> scale.  Harold
> On Sunday, July 13, 2014 8:55 AM, NW Modeling List 
> <nw-modeling-list at nwhs.org> wrote:
> The archives has informed me that we don't have color chips in the 
> archives.
> Based on the discussion so far, even if we had them, it probably 
> wouldn't settle this argument.
> I'm not sure anything would actually settle this argument.
> I, for one, do appreciate the guys who did chime in with the "this 
> works for me" answer, that is really the best answer for the original 
> inquirer.
> And it does appear that over the years we've learned the impact of 
> lighting, time, distance, perception, weathering, and lighting.
> Frank Bongiovanni

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