Sunset O gauge Powhatan Arrow cars

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Brown roofs were standard until the mid 1950's. The only exception was the 3 "County" cars built to PRR design (and colors) delivered in 1948. Photos may appear black (or dark gray), but the color applied at the paint shop was dark brown. I know; I was in Bluefield when the 1949 cars were delivered.
493 & 494 were built for the Pocahontas and were named General William Mahone and Frederick J. Kimball respectively. Otherwise, they were identical to 491 & 492 which had the Arrow logo where 493 & 494 had their names. Interestingly, 493 & 494 were the first delivered, the month before the Arrow cars started to arrive. They came east on the rear of train #24, which gave me ample time to run down to the station and inspect them. Arrow cars were delivered the same way, a few at a time. Brown roofs and green trucks on all of them!

Jim Nichols
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