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Jimmy: The twenty car order N&W placed with Pullman Standard in 1946 for the Powhatan Arrow included two dome coaches. Within six months of placing the order N&W cancelled the  dome coaches and added two more diners.  These two additional diners were not intended for the Arrow but for upgrading the Pocahontas and thus were delivered named as stated in previous emails. Be careful accepting eveything in the Dixon book on the Arrow, everything written is not fact.  If you noticed the Arrow diners were numbered 491 and 492. The Pocahontas diners were numbered 493 and 494. An interesting note is that all four of these diners are still in existance. NS owns three and The Conway Scenic Ry. owns the fourth.  One of the NS diners has been set up as a 48 seat diner and the other as a diner lounge. The third diner is now a sleeping car with a shower between every two rooms and large beds. When first converted the rooms had no windows but later room windows
were added. I had mixed feelings about sleeping in this car since it had no vestibules and no room windows.  Sleeping in the car when not moving was OK with me but on the rear of a freight train I thought there were saftey problems. Harold Davenport      

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Jimmy Diners #493 and #494 were delivered with the names listed in my email and not the Arrow logo. Harold



    If one wants to believe Tom Dixon's "Arrow" book, there is a Pullman-Standard builder's photo in there of diner #491 with Powhatan Arrow clearly on the side of the car. Has the history of the different paint schemes and logos been published? Maybe Jim or Ken can straighten this thing out for those of us who don't know.
I must say that when I said they should be the as built versions, I had completely forgot about the brown roof. I do not want a brown roof version.

Jimmy Lisle

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