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We have to remember that lettering in those days was hand-drawn in the
engineering department. FONT was what printer - and only printers- used to
print small lettering for books and publications. N&W lettering is similar
to RAILROAD ROMAN ( a font now) but it differs quite a bit.

Locomotive tenders were painted by hand using a template made by the
draftsman for the sign/lettering painter. The painter used the template and
a pounce bag (think chalk dust) to outline the lettering by tapping the bag
on the punched holes in the template sheet.

If one looks at EMD lettering for the early GP-9's , it isn't the same
shape and style as steam lettering. But, it is kinda similar. Early ALCO
lettering is not like EMD lettering or steam lettering but more 'square'
than steam lettering (wider than it is tall). No one makes decals
commercially for this ALCO style right now.

Ken Miller is right; big tender sides had big letters and small tenders had
smaller letters proportional to the tender side. The letter spacing
changes, too, relative to the tender size.

Gary Rolih


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