Any scale drawings or blueprints of "PG" coaches?

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Thu Mar 22 07:07:20 EDT 2012

The N&WHS archives collection has a pretty good collection of passenger car
drawings and photo. You can search the archives collection easily via a web

- Visit

- Click "Search our Archives" in the right column (near bottom)

- From the right menu column near top, click "Passenger Equipment"

- Scroll to "Pg (PG)" and click that line.

- You can then select drawings or photos, or both.

- For all photos/drawings you would end out here:

The general arrangement drawings might be of interest for your modeling
purposes, such as:

If desired, drawings can be purchased by using the "Add to Cart" button.

For the baggage car, follow a similar browsing path.

- Roger Link

On 3/20/2012 12:32 PM, NW Modeling List wrote:

> I am exploring the possibility of building models of the N&W "PG"

> heavyweight coach and "BPd" baggage - coach and I am in need of either

> scale drawings of these cars' sides or blueprints of the same.


> Can anyone tell me of a possible source for such items?


> Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

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> *jerry

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