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>....What I really need is an outer of 15" and an inner radii of about 12=13" or so.  HO code 83.


Wow, Ed, you are really down into the range where only a hand-laid
turnout will suffice, and you need to pay careful attention to the
adjacent track configuration. Does the siding go straight from there,
or does it form a reverse curve so as to stay in line with the main
track? Do you need motive power to go through the turnout, or just
hoppers? If there are other turnouts nearby, you should beware of
S-curve alignments.

Once upon a time I built curved turnouts by hand, including some where
the mainline went through the smaller radius. (Twenty years and still
derailment free.) I strongly recommend soldered construction, where
every few ties are constructed from printed-circuit board materials.
When compared to hand-spiked construction, soldered construction is
superior because you can re-heat connections in order to make minute
(but critical) adjustments to gauge and alignment. I'd also recommend
using extra-long guide rails opposite the frog.

Hope this helps!
- Marty Swartz

What gets us into trouble is not what we don't know. It's what we know
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