Brass painting advice wanted

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Greg, if you want to give me your email address I can send you as many
pics as you need.

Doug Langlitz

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Photos of your spray booth would be great. I was thinking of cobbling
one together out of some scrap luan plywood I have, and using a bathroom
or kitchen exhaust fan to vent the fumes out the garage door.
Greg Harrod
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Good ventilation is a must, as is a respirator and gloves. Nitrile
gloves for solvent base paints. And while we're spending your money
another tool that comes in very handy is a spray booth. The
commercially available ones are pretty pricey, but you can build
your own fairly inexpensively. I've built a few for less then $100
with a good quality fan. I could email some photos of mine if you
would like to see how it was built.
Good luck
Doug Langlitz

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