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In part it depends on if the mine is being switched by N&W or the mine operator. If a mine operator, then yes, a small diesel switcher such as an Alco S series or industrial engine like a GE 44 tonner would work. "Norfolk And Western: Steam's Last Stand" by Mallory Hope Ferrell shows a former N&W M class lettered for a coal company, as well as geared engines such as shays being used by mining companies.
N&W also kept 4-8-0's and 2-8-0's on the roster into the 50's for light work, so the use of one of them is not out of the question, although mallets seemed to dominate as mine shifters at the time.

Marty Flick

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Hi Guys

As my BTS coal tipple project is underway, what kind of switcher engine should I use for moving coal cars off the spur into position under the tipple?

It is a really short track, with curved #4 switches and not a lot of room. As many are, the layout is mid-50's so I can have all the steam we want with a few RS-11s scattered here and there.

Would a generic industrial diesel fit in? I've been through most of the books and I know that an S would be way too big.

Appreciate any guidance......

Ed Svitil
Norfolk & Western Railway


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