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Both are the 1946 version of the Powhatan Arrow. In the second shot, the fourth
car is a heavyweight diner, which ran on the Arrow until the entire consist was
replaced with new cars in late 1949. In the first shot, the dinedr (third car)
has been retouched in the photo to appear as a streamlined car. N&W
photographers often did such things in the darkroom (and this was long before
photoshop).   Jim Nichols

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Can anyone tell me what might these cars in the photo links be? They appear to
be heavyweights, I am thinking coaches.

While going through the N&W image collection of VA-tech, I saw in these couple
photos, and they
do not appear to be much like the other cars run on the Arrow, but the N&W
Modelling Guide gave no indication that the train ran anything except the three
varieties of lightweight coaches, diner and observation cars. 

Thank you in advance
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