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I can't answer on the color of the tower itself, but I can address the
ladders and railings. It isn't unusual for guardrails and ladders to be
painted the same color as main structure. Even today painting them
"Safety Yellow" is not required.

Danial Fisher


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Hi Fellas

Putting together the Plastistruct sand tower kit. Trying to figure out
what color to paint it the only sort-of clear image I can find is on Jim
Nichol's book, p. 49. It seems to be kind of an off-charcoal color; not
pure black and not silver like some others.

Anybody have a more accurate color in mind?


PS - I also noted that the ladders and railings in the 50's were not
yellow, like they are now. They seem to be the same color as the rest
of the structure (sand tower, water tanks, turntables). That sound
right to y'all?

Ed Svitil


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