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I have been modeling the 1930's for the most part, but I have managed to acquire a pair of Yb's and a J, which don't quite fit. I decided to look into the possibility of stripping, repainting , detailing a set of "looks close" Powhatan Arrow or similar lightweight passenger car consist of about 5-9 cars. I will not pay for bra$$ passenger cars. I want to know what cars, which exist in plastic, like Rivorossi, Walthers, AHM, etc, would be 'pretty close'. I don't care if I have to swap trucks, or whatever, but Brass Car Sides, which is super, is still too much work for a seldom used consist. I still want it to be within my standards of detail and length, but an extra window or similar inaccurate detail isn't that important to me. I can repaint, Decal and detail as good as the next guy, but I haven't had access to the cars to make any determination. I'm a steam engine fanatic, and not up to speed on 1940's era Lightweight passenger cars. So I'm asking those who have, can you suggest cars that I can strip, Paint with the standard N&W Maroon* and maybe add some detail to so I can get a passenger consist that was generic to the J's in the 1940's and early 1950's?

* No such thing.

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Stuck in hte 1930's

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