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Among other assignments, K1's were used on the Bluefield to Williamson
passenger locals in the late '40's. Yes, they were used in the mountains.
However, the coming of the J's and the ability of the streamlined K2's to
cover most passenger assignments by the late '40's and early '50's made
local freight the primary assignments for the K1's. They were known to have
seen mixed service on the Buchanan Branch. Jim Nichols

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Thanks Ed, that's an interesting piece of info, with even more interesting
side note regarding the Teamsters.

As an aside (Ed or anyone else), what is your familiarity with the K1's?
They don't get a lot of print, other than the good article in the Arrow a
couple years ago. Were they generally good engines? Well utilized? Liked by
crews? Were they used in the mountains too, or just primarily the flatlands?
Were the K-2's a universally great improvement over the K1? It is the one
engine I wish I owned a model of and do not (yet). I would like to have at
least 2 when I start a layout again.
Mike Rector

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