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Thanks Ed, that's an interesting piece of info, with even more interesting side note regarding the Teamsters.

As an aside (Ed or anyone else), what is your familiarity with the K1's? They don't get a lot of print, other than the good article in the Arrow a couple years ago. Were they generally good engines? Well utilized? Liked by crews? Were they used in the mountains too, or just primarily the flatlands? Were the K-2's a universally great improvement over the K1? It is the one engine I wish I owned a model of and do not (yet). I would like to have at least 2 when I start a layout again.
Mike Rector

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Yes. N&W started a piggyback service out of
Bristol in 1957 or 1958 in conjunction with Mason-Dixon truck lines out of
Kingsport, TN. I don't know where the other end of the service was -
probably Rochester, NY. The trains were numbered, as I recall, 58 and
59. The trains were pulled by K-1s. They lasted maybe a couple of
weeks. It is my understanding that the Teamsters put pressure on M-D to
stop cutting their drivers out of the long haul trips.


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can anyone tell me if N&W did piggyback service in the steam era? I would also like to know if someone can tell me about a box car thats in the Wallace and Wiley book on page 54 2nd down with a caption bev bel wood kit if its ligit? I checked the number on page 55, but that shows a hopper number. thanks. tony

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>For an excellent discussion of modeling

> "black", see the article "N&W Tour, What Happened to all the Black!"

> by R.L. Hundman with photos by R. Bradley, pp. 30-35, Mainline Modeler,

> 11/97.


>Carl Miller


> MD

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