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Piggyback on N&W appears to have started early in its diesel era (can't find
any evidence behind steam). As for the box car in the W&W book, I am not
aware of any 50' composite box cars on N&W, so the number the modeler put on
it was arbitrary. Most of the models on that page are approximations, which
was more common in 1980 than now (most modelers are more discriminating now
that we have more accurate choices in the market). Some of the captions in
the W&W book are inaccurate, so continue to ask questions when you are in
doubt. Jim Nichols

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can anyone tell me if N&W did piggyback service in the steam era? I would
also like to know if someone can tell me about a box car thats in the
Wallace and Wiley book on page 54 2nd down with a caption bev bel wood kit
if its ligit? I checked the number on page 55, but that shows a hopper
number. thanks. tony

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