P2K GP30 speed?

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John: The two may be incompatible due to the different motors and gearing
used. You should check to see what the 'max ' speed of each is independent
of one another. For a given voltage the Athearn motor may spin faster and
the model trucks geared higher than the P2K model.

You can do this by choosing a stretch of track and running each model along
it as a set voltage and using a watch to time them. Also check to see that
the wheel diameters on each model are the same or different. Use a
micrometer or vernier calipers over the tread and not the flanges. With
time and distance known you can back calculate to the wheel rpm. If you
disassemble the drives you can count the gear teeth or estimate the gear

Also, the digital controller used may influence the actual output rpm of
each of the drive motors on the two models.

The basic problem is that the motors can be wound differently so they
respond with a different torque and rpm to a given applied voltage.

Gary Rolih



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Hi Listers,

I was able to run some new engines on a friend's layout this
afternoon. For the first time I ran my new Athearn N&W SD45's. They ran
great! I tried a new N&W P2K GP30 and the 45's just dragged it along. It
appears to run about half speed of the Athearn's. I didn't have any of my
older Athearn's or PPW or Atlas to compare it to. So my question is that
the P2K's will only run with other P2K's?

Thanks in advance,

John Hecker

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