P2K GP30 speed?

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Apparently the circuit board in the P2K's has resistance in it which slows
the speed. I found this out the hard way a few years back when I was
powering a B unit for a friend. Figuring that I didn't need a headlight, I
did away with the pc board (this was before DCC). The unit ran much faster
(like an Athearn). So I had to put the pc board back in to make it run at
the same speed as his A unit. I have no experience with DCC, but understand
that it will allow you to program units so they will run together. (Ask
somebody who knows) Jim Nichols

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Hi Listers,

I was able to run some new engines on a friend's layout this
afternoon. For the first time I ran my new Athearn N&W SD45's. They ran
great! I tried a new N&W P2K GP30 and the 45's just dragged it along. It
appears to run about half speed of the Athearn's. I didn't have any of my
older Athearn's or PPW or Atlas to compare it to. So my question is that
the P2K's will only run with other P2K's?

Thanks in advance,

John Hecker

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