P2K GP30 speed?

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It has been my experience that in many cases two identical locomotives from the same run often operate at different speeds. Not using DCC, my solution has always been to put the faster locomotive behind the slower. That way the faster one is slowed down by doing most of the pulling of the train.

Dick Dunford
Blacksburg VA
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Hi Listers,

I was able to run some new engines on a friend's layout this afternoon. For the first time I ran my new Athearn N&W SD45's. They ran great! I tried a new N&W P2K GP30 and the 45's just dragged it along. It appears to run about half speed of the Athearn's. I didn't have any of my older Athearn's or PPW or Atlas to compare it to. So my question is that the P2K's will only run with other P2K's?

Thanks in advance,

John Hecker


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