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I wasn't thinking of rebuilding or re-quartering anything, actually.
The biggest problem for an M would be hiding the counterweights, or
having to live with them. Otherwise, I would essentially re-use
everything as-is.

Kenneth Rickman

NW Modeling List wrote:

> The problem with any of those modifications is that they use plastic

> drivers, which aren't practical for re-quartering. I have several 2-10-0

> Bowser I1's and 2 of their "USRA" 2-10-2's. My dad has 2 of the Spectrum

> 2-10-2's in southern markings, which work fine. None would be practical

> for modifications to M's of any species. You might be able to modify Bowser

> valve gear, as I have in a one-of -a-kind M2c experiment, but the plastic

> drivers are too fragile for such rebuilding.



> Mark Lindsey

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