HO scale 2-10-2 information needed

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The problem with any of those modifications is that they use plastic
drivers, which aren't practical for re-quartering. I have several 2-10-0
Bowser I1's and 2 of their "USRA" 2-10-2's. My dad has 2 of the Spectrum
2-10-2's in southern markings, which work fine. None would be practical
for modifications to M's of any species. You might be able to modify Bowser
valve gear, as I have in a one-of -a-kind M2c experiment, but the plastic
drivers are too fragile for such rebuilding.

Mark Lindsey
Stuck in the 1930's

On 4/14/09 9:17 AM, "NW Modeling List" <nw-modeling-list at nwhs.org> wrote:

> Hi folks,


> Is there anyone out there who owns an HO scale 2-10-20 model

> manufactured by either Bachmann (Spectrum) or IHC (Premier)? If so, I

> would like to find out a few things about them.


> First, what is the driver diameter? As far as I can tell, it should

> scale out to 57", but that's based on one article about Southern ry.

> versions of the USRA model, and even then, manufacturers have a habit of

> tinkering with things like driver diameter.


> While on the subject of drivers, what is the throw of the crank pin, how

> many spokes are there, and does the main driver have spokes like the

> rest (it looked different in a badly enlarged photo I saw, at least on

> the Bachmann model)?


> Which axle is powered on each model? My first assumption would be #5 in

> both, but I can also make the case for #3.


> My reason for asking is that, if the drivers are indeed 57", it may be

> practical to remove the rear driver to make a Southern consolidation, or

> do a little more rebuilding to make an N&W class M.


> Thanks in advance.

> Kenneth Rickman

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