HO scale 2-10-2 information needed

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Tue Apr 14 09:17:54 EDT 2009

Hi folks,

Is there anyone out there who owns an HO scale 2-10-20 model
manufactured by either Bachmann (Spectrum) or IHC (Premier)? If so, I
would like to find out a few things about them.

First, what is the driver diameter? As far as I can tell, it should
scale out to 57", but that's based on one article about Southern ry.
versions of the USRA model, and even then, manufacturers have a habit of
tinkering with things like driver diameter.

While on the subject of drivers, what is the throw of the crank pin, how
many spokes are there, and does the main driver have spokes like the
rest (it looked different in a badly enlarged photo I saw, at least on
the Bachmann model)?

Which axle is powered on each model? My first assumption would be #5 in
both, but I can also make the case for #3.

My reason for asking is that, if the drivers are indeed 57", it may be
practical to remove the rear driver to make a Southern consolidation, or
do a little more rebuilding to make an N&W class M.

Thanks in advance.
Kenneth Rickman
Kenneth Rickman - krickman1 at carolina.rr.com
Salisbury, NC

"Once admit that human life can be guided by reason, and all possibility
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