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"A few days ago a gentleman wrote in regarding Sunset's intention to produce the Y6A as well as the Y6B. His idea was to cancel our Y6B's and order the "A" model. The fact that Sunset trusts us to live up to our word makes this switch possible. I personally took the high road and added the Y6A to my list of reservations. Granted this is not a route that everyone can take but where all those loud mouth rivit counters that jumped all over me before. Step up and be counted. Robert D. Starkweather"

Mr. Starkweather,
Where in the wide wide world of sports did YOU come up with the idea that I was trying to cancel YOUR order of the Y6b?
All that I did was repeat what was said by Scott Mann of 3rd Rail, which is, if you have a Y6b already on order, but would prefer the Y6a, it would be quite alright to do so.
I am glad you were able to order both and help make this venture happen.
Jimmy Lisle
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