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I was one of those who reserved an O scale class M from Sunset 3rd rail. I
would still buy two if they were being built. My 21 by 20 O scale garage
layout seems very small every time the Y6b takes a run.

Sunset advertises that you can "reserve" your model. That is how they
determine whether or not to go forward with the manufacturing. By the looks of
it, the streamlined K will go off the offering as did the M because they are not
gathering enough pre-orders.

Serveral years ago Precision Scale released a Z1a and Z1b but at a price of
over 3000. (I think it was 4200.)
If Sunset (Third Rail) would offer a class Z. I would be interested.

It's a risky business to build in O scale. I respect the importers for
their willingness to take the leap.
You HO ers sure do have it easier when it comes to getting a model. Look at
all the great plastic an sound.

My 2 cents worth.
Tom Lewis, Jax FL.

In a message dated 12/1/07 9:29:17 AM, nw-modeling-list at nwhs.org writes:

> Edk: I  can't get them to produce anything. I need help. I do have two

> class "A's", four Y-3's, one Y-6b and one J but think about it how many people

> even know the difference between a Y-5 and aY-6? How many of them would be

> willing to buy another loco. A couple of rears ago they did not produce two

> versions of the M class twelve wheelers because of a lack of  interest. Perhaps we

> can find some consensus of what we would like and approach sunset with some

> viable numbers. I know it can be done because it worked with the Northshore

> Electroliner Interburbans. Robert Starkweather


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