Weaver O Scale 80' Smooth-Sided Aluminum Pocahontas Set

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Wow, I have a new appreciation for the thoroughness of production decisions at a major model-maker. I thought this information would have been requested before deciding to build the cars.
No doubt N&W modelers will find it painful when paying for the $120 streamlined baggage car in the set. It seems odd that Weaver did such a nice job on their recent N&W RPO, yet now seems to draw a blank on the rest of the consist . . ?
My .02: on the three rail versions, remove the thumbtack and use a hidden uncoupler mechanism. But, leave a tab on the coupler pin proper to allow uncoupling using a small diameter overhead rod or similar.

Dick Merrill

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Weaver Models is in the process of remaking their N&W passenger cars in O scale 2 & 3 rail. They have asked the following questions on another forum. Would anyone with more complete information than I please respond to them?Jimmy Lisle We want to make sure that we do the Pocahontas set correctly, so I'm hoping that someone will be able to guide us. We need the following information:

-Diner Car road number and decoration information
-Sleeping Car road numbers and decoration information
-Coach road number and decoration information
-Observation road number and decoration information, along with drum head
decoration information (we think that there should be a logo on the drum
head, but we're not sure)<BR>We're seeing photos of these cars painted blue as well as in red.
Could someone please advise the correct information.
Many thanks in advance.
Joe Hayter

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