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Sat Feb 17 10:09:44 EST 2007

In the process of reworking an MTH Union Pacific caboose to a Norfolk and
Western caboose using a photo of the prototype as a guide I ordered decals from
Champion Decal Company only to learn recently from their customer service
representative that the set I need is no longer available. In fact, "everything is
sold out for the N&W 0 scale..."

Champ has been my source for decals for MANY years. I know of no others. As
you all probably know, the Norfolk and Western Historical Society only offers
decals in HO and N scales, none in 0 scale.

In addition to the caboose decals, I also will soon need decals for two
Norfolk and Western heavyweight coaches.

Suggestions for a source of same would be GREATLY appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your kind help in this matter.

Have a happy day !

Neil K. Yerger (Mr. Kit Basher)

audreyly at
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